American Bar

American Bar

Austurstræti 10, Reykjavik
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American Bar captures the American spirit, the land of the free - home of the brave. With a unique selection of beer and a simple, yet delicious menu American Bar is a must-visit when in Reykjavik. 

Beer selection second to none

With more than 50 different kinds of beer, you will be sure to find the beer that suits your taste. You will find the beer made in the tropical islands of Hawaii as well as beer made from the famous Icelandic water.

Location & Experience

Located in the heart of Reykjavik American Bar is easy to find. Once inside you will feel at home right away, especially if you are an American; with decorations like football helmets (see your favourite team) and the American flag. 

Live music - Live Sport & The Wheel of Fortune

Live music every night brings the right atmosphere, and if you want to shake it up a bit you can hit the dance floor on the weekends - and dance into the crazy Reykjavik night. Moreover,  if you are feeling lucky, you can always spin the Wheel of Fortune.

 If you must see that game in the English PL or the Champions League, you are well taken care of in the American Bar. HD-screens and TVs in every corner were making sure that you will not miss one second of your favourite sport.

Inside and out - all day long

With more than 100 seats inside and a great outdoor area on the sunny side (for those beautiful sunny Icelandic summer days) you will always find a place at a good table. The outside area is remarkable, overlooking Dómkirkjan and the house of Alþingi (Parliament House). When you think of central Reykjavik, this is it! The menu is simple, yet delicious.  The hamburgers, ribs, and chicken wings are well known to the locals for being unique and tasty.

Lunch or dinner, live music or dancing, beer or cocktails; the American Bar has it all. Truly worth a visit!



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