Fish Company

Fish Company

Vesturgata 2a, Reykjavik
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What to eat in Iceland? If this question troubles you, then let our chef’s take your taste buds on a trip AROUND ICELAND, without ever leaving your table. The chefs will assemble creative blends of food from land and sea, with a daring choice of spice from all corners around the island.

The AROUND ICELAND is the most popular meal at the Fish Company, but there is one other that comes close in popularity, the trip AROUND THE WORLD.

AROUND THE WORLD is a cruise around the globe, where the spices and herbs of the world are used to transform the local fish and meat into dazzling pieces of exotic cuisine.

Both have to be experienced, so make the most of your trip to Iceland and visit the Fish Company. Let our waiter’s guide you along culinary craft, expertly crafted by our fine team of chef’s, for a voyage your stomach will never forget.


The interior of the restaurant was created by designer Leif Welding and the owner Lárus Gunnar. Experimentation and contrast are a chef’s key words and Leifur sought to replicate this in the Fish Company, an adventurous yet homey setting, for those that seek to take a trip around Iceland, with the chef as a driver and the waiter as the guide.

The first piece of Icelandic elegance that meets your eye as you enter are the window panes that decorate the bar, taken from the Free Lutheran Church in Hafnafjörð and backlit with multicolour lights, lending an adventurous light to the surroundings. In the inner hall are booths that are made by GH Furniture but with Tom Dixon chairs.

Our fine Icelandic fish and lamb, along with many other dishes of course, are served on china made by Figgjio in Norway. They were originally designed for the Fish Company, but to overwhelming popularity, they are now distributed worldwide. The Fish Company’s decor is also expensive, being both whimsical and cozy. The whole place is decorated with Icelandic woodcarvings, old China, and our famous candle shelf. So come for the unique décor and extravagant meal, make the Fish Company your stop to dine in Reykjavík.

The Zimsen building dates back to 1884, at that time a quaint store. Over 120 years later it was moved from its old location and replanted at Grófartorg in the heart of Reykjavík; there it was lovingly restored and renovated. The Fish Company opened its door in the old cellar of the Zimsen building in 2008, and it is there that owner and master chef, Lárus Gunnar Jónasson, and his team of spirited and jovial chef’s work culinary wizardry. Employing creative courses & the best of Icelandic nature, the Fish Company chef’s send guests on daily trips around Iceland, without them having to leave their tables. Making it an experience of dining in Reykjavík, unlike any other.

Monday - Friday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm & 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm 

Saturday & Sunday: 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm


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