Hlin Reykdal Jewellery and Gift Shop

Hlin Reykdal Jewellery and Gift Shop

Fiskislóð 75, Reykjavik
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Welcome to Hlín Reykdal’s jewellery and gift shop where the designer herself hand paints

and manufactures her popular jewellery and accessories.

Every piece from Hlín has a beautiful and unique colour combination making her jewellery

like no other.

Elegant jewellery from Soru Jewellery and Viðja can be found at the shop alongside gifts

from Laboratory Perfumes, Illume, Tokyo Milk, Claus Porto, Odeme and Pelle Design to

name a few.

Situated in the trendy fish packing district by the old harbour, a visit to Hlín’s store and

workshop makes a short and picturesque walk from the city center.

The designer is on site to meet and greet all customers and invite them to take a peek into

her workshop where the magic takes place.


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