Parking in Reykjavík Vitatorg

Parking in Reykjavík Vitatorg

101 Reykjavík, Iceland, Reykjavík
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Vitatorg, Skúlagata - Vitastígur - Multi storey car parks
Open every day 7:00-24:00

150 ISK 1st hour
100 ISK each hour thereafter

Other Parking Houses
Ráðhúsið, Tjarnargata 11
Vesturgata, Vesturgata 7
Traðarkot, Hverfisgata 20
Kolaport, Kalkofnsvegur 1

240  ISK 1st hour
120 ISK each hour thereafter

Long time parking*
Vitatorg                       7.500.- kr.
Stjörnuport                8.700.- kr.
Bergstaðir uppi        8.700.- kr.
Traðarkot                    9.900.- kr.
Kolaport                       9.900.- kr.
Bergstaðir niðri        14.500.- kr.
Vesturgata                  14.500.- kr.
Ráðhúskjallari           14.500.- kr.

Discounts for Long-term Parking
 - Residents Discount 10%
 - Payments for six months at a time 16.67%
 - 10 spaces or more in the same building 5%
 - Maximum Discount 26.67%

Long-term parking must be paid for at least two months including the remainder of the month in which the card is provided. To apply for a long time parking send email to

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