Snorrastofa in Reykholt

Snorrastofa in Reykholt

Hálsasveitavegur, 320 Reykholt, Iceland, Reykholt
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Reykholt is one of Iceland’s main historical sites, a cultural centre past and present. Snorri Sturluson, a famous medieval historian, politician and chieftain settled in Reykholt in 1206 and was killed there in 1241.

Snorrastofa in Reykholt is an independent research centre established in 1995. The centre is located in Reykholt in West Iceland, the main residence of Iceland’s greatest medieval writer, poet, scholar and statesman, Snorri Sturluson (1179–1241). Its primary task is to instigate and conduct research on the medieval period in general, and Snorri and his works in particular. Reykholt has always been associated with scholarly work.

Snorrastofa has a general tourist reception on the ground floor of the building. An exhibition on Snorri Sturluson is also located there. The reception offers lectures on Snorri Sturluson and the history of Reykholt. The reception also arranges concerts in the Church of Reykholt and rents out the facilities of ReykholtskirkjaSnorrastofa. A souvenir shop has books, music, postcards, and Icelandic design and handicraft for sale.

Snorralaug and the archaeological site

The most distinctive antiquity in Reykholt is the pool of Snorri Sturluson, called Snorralaug. The pool and the water conduit, leading water from a nearby hot spring, date back to the 10th century and are maybe the oldest preserved constructions in Iceland.

The Curch of Reykholt

Reykholt’s new church was consecrated on July 28th, 1996. It is known for its good acoustics. The annual music festival, Reykholtshátíð, is held in the last week of July. The church has old church bells, Frobenius­organ from the cathedral in Reykjavík, award-winning stained­glass windows and a soapstone baptismal font,  a donation from Norway. The font and an altar from an older church in Reykholt are from around 1500, now the property of the National Museum. A new cross was erected in front of the church 2012.

The old church in Reykholt,

The old church was built 1896–97, was in use until 1996. It is now under the protection of the National Museum. It is open to all visitors.

The District School

A district school was established in Reykholt between 1931–1997. Snorrastofa rents out its facilities for conferences, workshops and visiting scholars and artists. 

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