Stedji Brewery in Borgarfjordur

Stedji Brewery in Borgarfjordur

Steðji Borgarnes, Borgarnes
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On the west coast of Iceland surrounded by low rising mountains, flowing rivers and hot springs lies the farm Stedji, which translates as Anvil, named after the rock formation next to Stedji Brewery and family house. A place of folklore and magic that today is the home of one of the most innovative, exciting and exuberant family brewery in the world.

Stedji beer is not just a beer; it’s an alchemy of pure genius.
Our brewer is a German profession, Philipp Ewers, who is a magician for a brewer.

Professional designer designs our labels. We decided to make a real connection to our farm. So as the farm's name is Steðji (Anvil), the shape of the label is an Anvil. Anvils have been used for centuries and are used by blacksmiths to form the hot iron. The photo on the label was taken in the year 1942 of the old turf house that was at the farm. Turf houses were very common in the countryside of Iceland up to 1950'.

We are in possession of our fountain of pure spring water. The water has been tested and proven to be among the purest and cleanest sources of water found in the world. We use our natural spring water as it comes from nature

without adding any chemicals in our brewing procedure and therefore guarantee that all of our beers have that refreshing, pure taste.

We have opened a special tasting room at our brewery, for people to experience our innovative beers and see for themselves how such a unique product is made Opening hours are between 13.00-17.00 every day, Monday - Saturday, closed Sunday. 
We charge 1500 ISK. for each person.  

 We also offer an exclusive guided tour of our brewery.

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