N1 Steinar

N1 Steinar

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Let us help you make the most of your trip! N1 is a leading fuel distributor in Iceland with locations all around Iceland. When you stop to fill the tank, grab a quick bite, travel supplies or tasty cup of coffee before you hit the road again.

Frequently asked questions:

Do you sell gas containers?
We do have a variety of gas containers. 
You can read about our selection, sizes and prices here.

Where can I empty my camper van?
N1 provides this service in 3 locations. 
See where on the map.

How are your opening hours?
Take a look at our Map to see our locations and opening hours.

Do you offer car repairs and services?
We offer all sorts of car services at our garages. 
Find the nearest location.

Can you provide me with road assistance?
For road assistance in the greater capital area, please call       00 354 660 3350.


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