The Lobsterhouse

The Lobsterhouse

Amtmannsstígur 1, Reykjavík
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Gourmet nouvelle cuisine with exquisite dishes! If you want to enjoy gourmet French cuisine with a Nordic touch, then The Lobsterhouse is the right place for you. Our langoustine, the Icelandic lobster, is widely known for its great taste and one of our most favourable dishes. You can take a look at our menu by clicking here. Dining at The Lobsterhouse is an experience full of warmth and history.

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The Lobsterhouse seats over seventy people and has banquet rooms available for smaller groups.

 A house with history – saved by the hippies! 

The Lobster house was built in 1838 and located at Bernhöftstorfa, downtown Reykjavík. Stephen Gunnlaugsson, the head of state, built the house. Through the years it has hosted famous Icelandic poets like Hannes Hafsteinn and Stefán Thorarensen.

By 1970, the houses in Berntöftstorfa were capacity, and the intention is to demolish all the houses and build government offices in their place. Before this came to be, a battle for the buildings reconstruction was held. It lasted for about a decade, but all the while the houses decayed, and parts of them caught fire. In this house alone there were three different fires during the period of the preservation battle.

After much struggle, the Torfusamtök, consisting of hippies, activists and architects, were finally victorious and got to rent the houses from the state with restoration and preservation as their primary goal. Their successful work is apparent to The Lobsterouse visitors.

Opening hours:
May to September 2017
Mondays-Saturdays from 11:30
Sundays from 17:00

Tables reservations and group reservations made via
telephone: +354 561 3303  Email Us


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