The National Gallery of Iceland

The National Gallery of Iceland

Frí­kirkjuvegur 7, Reykjavík
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The National Gallery of Iceland established in 1884, is a leading art museum in Iceland. Its collection consists mainly of 19th, 20th and 21st-century art, of which many works are landmarks in Icelandic art history. The museum also possesses an excellent collection of international art.

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The gallery primarily holds group and solo exhibitions of Icelandic and international art, in conjunction with its informative and educational role. The National Gallery comprises four exhibition rooms in addition to the Vasulka Chamber – a space dedicated to electronic and digital art – a pleasant café-restaurant, and a gallery shop with artistic gifts, art books, and design articles. The Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum and the Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection are divisions of the National Gallery of Iceland.

Opening hours and prices

Fríkirkjuvegur 7, 101 Reykjavi­k
Summer (15.5. - 30.9.) at 10 am until 5 pm closed Mondays
Winter    (16.9. - 14.5.) at 11 am until 5 pm closed Mondays

Admission fee:

Admission fee:
Adults                              1.800 ISK
67 years and older             900 ISK
Disabled                             900 ISK
Groups 10+                        900 ISK 
Students                             900 ISK

Free admission for children under 18

冰岛国家美术馆成立于1884年,是冰岛的一家主要艺术博物馆。 它的收藏主要包括19世纪,20世纪和21世纪的艺术品,其中许多作品都是冰岛艺术史上的标志性建筑。 该博物馆还拥有一个极好的国际艺术收藏。


该画廊主要举办冰岛和国际艺术团体和个人展览,结合其信息和教育角色。 国家美术馆除了Vasulka商会外还有四个展览室,这是一个致力于电子和数字艺术的空间,一个宜人的咖啡厅和餐厅,还有一个艺术礼品,艺术书籍和设计用品的画廊。 SigurjónÓlafsson博物馆和ÁsgrímurJónsson收藏馆是冰岛国家美术馆的分部。

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