Thorvaldsens Bazar

Thorvaldsens Bazar

Austurstræti 4, Reykjavik
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Handmade with love. All profits go to children in need.
Our wool products are made in Iceland by a close knit community of artisans with years of experience knitting for the Bazar. We stock unique handcrafted gems and we will always welcome you warmly.

Thorvaldsens Bazar preserves and promotes traditional Icelandic handicraft.

Assisting children for over 115 years.  The dedicated women at the Bazar volunteer their work and all profits benefit sick children and their families.

The Thorvaldsen Society 
Many changes have taken place since the Thorvaldsen Society was founded in 1875. However, the need for such charities has not abated, and throughout the decades hundreds of women have devoted their time and their skills in support of its aims, and today, despite its great age, the charity is alive and thriving with around 100 active members.

The name of the society comes from the sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. A statue was erected in his memory in Austurvöllur Square, in the centre of the town, and a few young ladies were given the task of decorating the square. They in turn enlisted friends and relatives to assist and found that they so enjoyed working together for a common cause that on November 19, 1875 they formally established a society for the purpose of helping needy children, taking its name from the sculptor who indirectly had brought them together. 

The main committee consists of seven women and supervises meetings, social affairs, maintenance of the Bazaar building and the general running of the society as a whole. There are three sub-committees: The Child-Rearing Fund, the Christmas Card Fund, and the Bazaar Committee. All proceeds are used to benefit children and others in need, in one way or another. The charity has for years donated money to children's hospital wards for the purpose of buying equipment, in 1963 it built a créche and in 1968 a kindergarten which it gave to the city. It has also given financial assistance to the families of sick children, towards youth programs and drug abuse prevention programs, to name but a few. 

As well as the satisfaction and pride the members feel when fundraising has gone well and sizeable donations have been made to good and deserving causes, the members also get a great deal of pleasure from working together, making new friends and taking part in the various activities such as trips, concerts, get-to-gathers etc., arranged by the society for its members.


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