Bankastræti 7, Reykjavik
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Cintamani is your attitude that leads to courage, joy and passion on your way to happiness.  The word Cintamani originates from the ancient language of Sanskrit meaning “the jewel of good wishes.“ Buddhism and Himalayan Sherpa folklore tell of a magical jewel that fell from the sky and has the power to fulfil all wishes. It is also seen carried upon the back of the Lung ta (wind horse) which is depicted on Tibetan prayer flags.

Cintamani is designed and tested in Iceland, on the doorstep of the Arctic. Nowhere in the populated world does the weather change as fast, or as often as on the island of fire and ice. A place where it snows on June mornings but by nightfall, the midnight sun fills the sky. Where it rains on December nights only to be followed shortly by a hailstorm. Consequently, nowhere in the populated world is it more important to be prepared appropriately at all times. 

Cintamani lets you do just that, keeping you warm, dry and smiling wherever your quest for adventure takes you. The Cintamani label was established in Iceland in 1996 and has been steadily growing since then both in Iceland and abroad. It is very popular among native Icelanders, and you are likely to see many people wearing Cintamani garments around the country. Cintamani is for you, all year round! People of all ages, people who want to be stylish, sporty, comfortable and colourful. Our clothes give you the functionality, durability and look you want.

The result is gear that keeps you warm and dry through the mountain rain, snow or winds that blow in your direction……keeping the smile firmly on your lips even in a blizzard. Keeping the Kids warm is every parent´s prerogative. The reason is simply that a warm kid is a happy kid! So there is no coincidence that the Cintamani kids’ collection has the happiest garments you are ever likely to find. The colours are bright, the styles cool and the materials warm. Designed with the aim to give kids unrestricted access to the outdoors……Play on!

Whatever your outdoor activities are we can help you find the matching clothes in one of our many stores in Reykjavík and around Iceland.

Cintamani has four stores in the Reykjavík area:
CINTAMANI Flagship store, Bankastræti 7
CINTAMANI, Kringlan shopping mall
CINTAMANI, Smáralind shopping mall
CINTAMANI, Austurhraun 3


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